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Easy storecupboard recipes

By March 19, 2020 ,

Many of us will be stuck and home at a loss for easy recipes, something that will make use of everyday store cupboard ingredients 
I've included a few recipes to get you started. Clink on the links in each section for the recipes.

No waste
It's also a good time to look at food waste and what you throw away and what can be re used. Vegetable peelings, mushroom stalks, rinds from parmesan, chicken bones, shrimp or shellfish heads and shells, not to mention bones and heads from non oily fish. These can all be used to make stock which can form the basis for soups, stews and sauces. Make a large batch and freeze for later.

Chicken Stock

Shellfish stock

Items such as broccoli and cauliflower stems and leaves can be used in soups or stir fries. Stale bread can be whizzed up in a food processor and used for breadcrumbs or to bulk up soups. Hard bits of cheese can be used in soups too! Nothing should go to waste.

Broccoli and blue cheese soup

Tinned Tomatoes
Many of you will have bought tinned tomatoes, and these will serve all manner of dishes from Italian to Indian. You can use this for the basis of sauces, soups and stews.


Italian ragu

Chilli con carne

Many of you will also have bought rice such as long grain, basmati, risotto or paella. Leftover long grain or basmati rice is great for stir fries. A basic risotto or paella can go a long way, it's just a matter of adding ingredients for flavour and a great way of using items like frozen peas, prawns, dried mushrooms, leftover roast meat, bacon lardons, tinned sweetcorn. 


Porcini Risotto

Egg fried rice with prawns

Dried Pasta
Pasta is another great store cupboard essential. While it is pretty easy to make your own, the dried ones are always handy to have. I always have penne, macaroni, linguine and tagliatelle to hand, but use whatever you like with these recipes. 

Tomato and mascarpone bake



Fettucine with tomato and pancetta sauce

Tinned Sweetcorn
Many of us will have tinned sweetcorn in our cupboards. I'm a big fan as it goes so well with many things. Great for bulking up dishes but also great for breads, soups and as a side. 

Sweetcorn and bacon chowder

Creamed sweetcorn

Quick and Easy Bread recipes
We're not all expert bread makers, I certainly don't count myself as one and tend to stick to breads such as soda bread or corn bread which are quick and easy to make and do not require kneading or proving. 

Soda Bread

Southern style cornbread

Potatoes will also go a long way; baked, mashed, fried, they are the ultimate versatile side or main dish. They can also be used for bulking out soups or casseroles. 

Dauphinoise potatoes

Cottage Pie

Potato Cakes

Loaded potato skins

Eggs form the basis of a lot of dishes, but can be easily utilised to make a host of recipes quite cheaply. It doesn't have to in in a recipe, nothing beats a good old boiled or fried egg with some toast or buttered bread. 

Spinach and Feta Frittata

Spanish style tortilla


In these interesting times, stay safe and keep healthy. 

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