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About me, about the site and contact details

Why did I start this site? 

I started writing a few years back mostly posts in Google+ about my experiences cooking in a new country and sharing it with friends. In 2014 I had the pleasure of going on a culinary weekend to Copenhagen and I was blown away by the food scene there. It was then and there I decided that I wanted to share more about my passion for food and the passion others had and so Kitchen Exile was born.

Why the name Kitchen Exile?

I've always been passionate about food and wine. 
In 2004 I decided to take part in the professional diploma course at Leiths Food and Wine and train as a chef. After that I briefly worked in restaurants and also private catering. I always felt though that it was really too late for me to start a proper career in the kitchen. As a result I guess, I am kind of self exiled from the restaurant kitchen. 

The name also refers to my experiences of cooking here in the Netherlands as an expat and that a lot of my cooking is outdoors on the BBQ rather than in the confines of the kitchen.

I have a thing for cookery books and where some women buy shoes, I buy cook books, so I may have one or two (hundred). I'm a keen BBQer and love my Big Green Egg. I am also a great fan of Burgundy wines and like to travel there to stock up the cellar when I can. 

My cooking philopsophy

I use seasonal and local produce when and where I can. I like to know that what goes on my plate is sustainable and that any meat I eat that the animal has had a good life. I buy from small farmers and from butchers that use ethical slaughtering methods. My values follow that of the slow food movement.

A bit of background

My name is 
Thérèse, I'm originally from Ireland. I also spent 18 years living and working the UK and have been based in the Land of Clogs for several years now with my partner and our two cats. 

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I'd like to share with you my culinary journey, with recipes, event reviews and general observations on the trials and tribulations of cooking in the Netherlands a land not (yet) known for its culinary reputation.

About this site

Kitchen exile was founded in 2014 and is focused on recipes, restaurant and event reviews. 
Many of the recipes will have a dominant theme of BBQ during the summer months. 
The author has won BBQ competitions at both Taste of Amsterdam and Big Green Egg Flavour fair festivals and was also the winner of Tasty Talent 2015, a national cookery competition. 
Recipes have also been published in the Dutch Edition of Foodies Magazine, a national publication and the UK National Newspaper, The Telegraph.

I can be contacted on kitchenexile@gmail.com