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Uitsmijter - Dutch brunch

By March 02, 2018 , ,

It‘s about time I shared with you some recipes from my newly adopted home. This dish was a favourite of mine before I even moved to the Netherlands and used to be a monthly treat. I suppose you could call it the Dutch equivalent of a full Irish breakfast. It’s a typical brunch or lunch dish. So what exactly is an uitsmijter? It consists of slices of bread with fried eggs, ham (optional) and melted cheese on top.  Now I may get deported for saying this but I like to toast the bread, in general this isn’t done.

2 eggs per person (or 3 if you’re Dutch or very hungry)
2 Slices ham (or 4 slices of pancetta or streaky bacon grilled)
100g aged gouda grated
2 slices white, brown or sourdough bread toasted
oil for frying the eggs

Fry the eggs in a pan until the bottom is nicely crisp
Place the ham (or whatever bacon product you happen to be using) on the toast/bread and place the eggs on top
Sprinkle with the cheese and place under a high grill until the cheese starts to melt, don’t leave it too long as you still want your yolks to be runny
You can also omit the ham if you want a vegetarian version or add fried mushrooms and a little truffle oil if you want to jazz things up a little, maybe even some sliced chorizo. (I better stop with the suggestions, I can hear the Dutch food police at the door).

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