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Shellfish and fish stock

By January 03, 2019 , ,

Both shellfish and fish stocks are relatively quick and easy to make, they don't take as long as beef or chicken and can be ready in a couple of hours. The trick is knowing what you can and cannot use for the stock itself.

It's also a great way of lessening the amount of waste you have in your kitchen. I tend to build up my stock ingredients over a period of time, putting them in a ziploc bag in the freezer until I have enough to make stock. I then add simple veg such as onions, leek, carrot, fennel and celery, along with peppercorns, bay leaf, kombu, dillisk, dried shiitake mushrooms and flatleaf parsley.

Here is a list of what shells, heads and bones you can use for both fish and shell fish stock:

Lobster, crab, langoustines, crayfish, prawns, shrimp, white fish, and flat fish

Things to avoid
Salmon, mackerel, sardines (oily fish), mussels, oysters, clams

You can also use whole small fish in the stock, often these are sold quite cheaply at the market or fishmonger, just ensure they have been gutted before you throw them in.

Place the bones and veg in a pot large enough to hold them, top up with enough water to cover the stock ingredients, and bring to the boil.
Lower the heat and then add some cold water, this should bring up any residue or fat from the shells
Strain off the scum or fat that might have risen to the top
Simmer for 40 minutes and then strain into another pot
Place on a high heat and reduce until you have half the original amount, if you want a more concentrated stock just keep reducing and tasting as you go
Portion up in freezer bags or Tupperware containers and place in the freezer until you wish to use them.

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