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Whiskey caramelised onions

By February 11, 2022 ,

I always like to have a jar of onion jam handy, it makes for a great condiment for meats, cheeses or pates. However I wanted to up the game on my onion jam with a little extra flavour and kick with some whiskey. You don't want the onions to taste of raw alcohol, so I add the whiskey little by little so the onions absorb the flavour as it cooks. I also allow a couple of days for the onions to mellow before using it too. My favourite use for this is with burgers or hotdogs. Bear in mind it may seem like a lot of onions but they break down considerably, so this will make one jar of onion jam. 

I would also advise using a heavy based or cast iron pot when cooking this as the onions tend to burn easily. So you do need to keep your eye on this after the initial 20 minutes and keep stirring so you get an even caramelization. 
I would also advise using a whiskey with a sweeter profile, preferably one that has either been in oak, sherry or rum casks and a highland or speyside malt. Avoid Islay malts as the peatiness will become too bitter after cooking for too long.

500g onions finely chopped
120ml whiskey (I used Teeling small batch for this recipe)
2g maldon sea salt
50g brown sugar
20ml butter for frying

Add some hot water to a sterilised jar and put to one side
In a pan fry off the onions in the oil until soft on a medium heat, this will take about 20 minutes
Add 40ml of whiskey and stir through
Add the sugar and continue to cook on a medium heat until they start to caramelise, stirring continuously
Add another 40ml of whiskey after 10 minutes and stir again
The onions will now be starting to brown, keep stirring otherwise they will burn on the bottom of your pan
Season with the salt, add another 20ml of the whiskey and stir again
Once the onions are nicely browned, take off the heat, add the rest of the whiskey stir through
Pour the water out of the jar and pour in the onions
Place a lid on and allow to cool before placing in the fridge
This will keep for a couple of weeks

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