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Fig and plum chutney

By September 02, 2015 , , , , ,

Plums are now making an appearance in the shops and figs are now reaching their peak. Thanks to a rather generous friend and neighbour who had too much fruit on their trees, this year so I got a big stash of both. My own trees have not been so abundant sadly. Here's a recipe I've been making for years that goes great with pat√©s and earthy game meats.

2kg Plums, de stoned and chopped
12 figs chopped
200g demerara sugar
200ml balsamic vinegar
2 red onions finely chopped
100ml port
10g butter
salt and pepper

I would recommend using a heavy bottomed pan and the secret is to keep stirring all along, otherwise you end up with burnt bits and spend several days trying to clean the pan (I learned the hard way the first time I made this).

Saut√© the onions in the butter until soft and then add the fruit and sugar followed by the liquid ingredients 
Bring to the boil and then simmer stirring all the time to ensure it does not burn until reduced to a nice thick consistency
I always add a small amount of salt and pepper at the end
Allow to cool and then place in a clean sterilised jar 

It will take a month before the flavours have come together and the chutney has mellowed
Once opened this will keep in the fridge for several months

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