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Suya grilled goat chops

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I was introduced to West African cooking many years ago by a Nigerian friend of mine. We collaborated at some barbecue events and on a cook book (Vibrant West African Cooking) and she taught me lots of delicious recipes. She developed her own spice brand and I would use these quite a lot when barbecuing. A few years on and I decided to try and replicate the spice blend myself. I like to make my own rubs from scratch, so why not suya? Suya is traditionally used for grilled meats, particularly chicken, goat or beef. The main basis for suya is peanut powder, not easy to come by, but can be found in some health food shops. Peanut powder has the oils removed from it. If you do try and make it yourself, then slow roast the peanuts for 60 minutes and then pulse in a spice grinder, the peanuts need to be cold before you grind them.

8 kid goat chops (you can also substitute lamb chops, if you cannot get goat)
30ml peanut or rapeseed oil
Salt to taste, my preference is maldon sea salt

Suya Spice rub
70g peanut powder
50g Smoked Paprika
45g Ground Ginger
30g Ground Cayenne Pepper
30g Garlic Powder
45g Onion Powder
10g Chicken Bouillon powder

Mix all ingredients together

To Grill
Set your barbecue up for direct cooking at 200c
Coat the chops in the oil and then sprinkle over the suya spice ensuring they are well covered
Allow the chops to marinate for at least 30 minutes, if you can, overnight is even better
Grill the chops for 2 minutes each side for medium rare, longer if you wish for medium or well done
Season to taste with the salt

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