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Chargrilled chicken Caesar salad

By May 18, 2018 , ,

Chicken Caesar salad is a household favourite. I would normally make this with leftover roast chicken but sometimes I like to do things a little differently and grill it all on the BBQ, bread, chicken and the lettuce! The best lettuces to use are either romaine, baby gem or cos lettuce as they have a good solid texture and the flavour improves with grilling. For the bread, I go with a focaccia or sourdough, sliced thinly enough so it can be toasted through without burning. In the dressing I like to use rapeseed oil, it gives it a wonderful flavour and colour.

This recipe serves 2

2 chicken thighs 
1 head baby gem, cos or romaine lettuce halved
Salt and pepper to season
1 tin anchovies in oil
10g parmesam shavings to garnish


2 slices of sour dough or focaccia bread
10ml olive oil to drizzle

Drizzle the bread with oil and place on the bbq on indirect heat about 200c and cook each side quickly for 1 minute until crisp
Allow to cool and then slice into croutons

To cook the chicken and lettuce
Set your BBQ for cooking on direct heat at 200c
Flatten the thighs with a rolling pin so that they are evenly sized, it makes it easier and quicker to cook
Season the chicken with salt and pepper
Place the thighs on the BBQ and cook for 4 minutes each side
Place the lettuce on the griddle and cook for 1 minute each side until you have a light char

1 anchovy finely chopped
1 small clove garlic grated
1 egg yolk
10ml cider vinegar
150ml rapeseed oil 
5g dried mixed herbs
30g freshly grated parmesan 
5ml lemon juice
Salt and pepper

In a mortar and pestle or with the flat blade of a knife crush the garlic and anchovy together until they resemble a paste
Place the garlic and anchovy paste in a bowl with the egg yolk and cider vinegar and stir together well with a whisk
Start to add the oil slowly whilst whisking until the mixture starts to thicken like a mayonnaise
Add the herbs, grated parmesan, lemon juice, salt and pepper and stir through
Leave to one side to allow the herbs to infuse

To assemble the salad

Slice the chicken thighs into thin strips
Similarly slice the lettuce into strips
Arrange on a plate with the anchovy fillets and decorate with the parmesan shavings and croutons
Garnish with the dressing

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