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Butter popcorn Ice cream

By May 11, 2018 , ,

This is one of the first ice cream recipes I decided to try out in the Magimix Gelato Expert. I wanted to start with a traditional custard base to see how it fared in the machine. There are 4 different bases for ice cream custard, mousse, meringue and all in one. This is a lengthy article, I've tried to give as much information on getting the best out of your ice cream. If you're just looking for the recipe you can skip to the end. 

Custard is a traditional cream base good for flavours such as vanilla and chocolate. 
Mousse bases are more commonly known as parfait and is a combination of hot sugar poured into egg yolks and whisked and then folded into cream, this is great for fruits and strong flavours. 
Meringue base is hot sugar syrup added to egg whites and then folded into whipped cream, again this base is good for fruits. Both the mousse and meringue bases do not need to be churned and can simply be poured into a container and frozen,
All in one is used for ice creams with coconut milk, yoghurt or mascarpone you can simply add the fruit puree or flavour and then churn.

When making ice creams do take the following into consideration. When flavouring, always over flavour, add a little extra of the base flavour or sugar as the freezing process will dull the flavour a little. Adding alcohol will lower the freezing point, so the ice cream may not freeze as well when making it, aim for 10% of the overall volume when using it. Sugar also lowers the freezing point so take care when using it in a recipe, too much sugar will result in the ice cream freezing into a solid block. I tend to use a 1:1 mixture of milk and cream for the custard bases, all cream and it is very heavy and dense, so the milk and cream base gives you a lighter ice cream with a smooth texture.  

If using fruit purees, try and use the freshest, ripest fruits (if using bananas, let them go black as they will be at their sweetest) as they will have a good strong sweet flavour and not require any extra enhancements. Also note that some ice creams will double in volume when being churned so always use half the volume of the bowl in your ice cream maker. Make your ice cream base at least 24 hours before you need it to allow the flavours to intensify and ensure they are cold before adding to the machine.  
Salt and lemon juice can both be used in small quantities as flavour enhancers in your base recipe.

4 egg yolks
90g sugar
300ml cream
300ml full fat milk
50g popcorn kernels
10ml oil
30g salted butter

Start by making the custard base
Heat the cream and milk until just before boiling point and turn off the heat
Whisk the sugar and egg yolks in a bowl until light and fluffy
Pour the cream and milk slowly into the sugar and egg yolk mix whisking as you do
Pour the mix back into the pan and continue to whisk slowly on a low heat until it reaches 70c, keep it at 70c for at least 5 minutes which will pasteurise the custard

Next make the popcorn
Place the oil and butter in a sauce pan on a low heat until the butter starts to melt
Add the popcorn kernels and turn up the heat to high put a lid on the pan
Continue to heat until the corn starts popping
Turn the heat down low and shake the pan to allow for even popping
Once the kernels have stopped popping allow to cool before adding to the custard base
Place the custard and popcorn mix in the fridge overnight to allow the flavours to infuse

To finish the ice cream
Turn the ice cream maker on for at least 5 minutes before using
Pour 35ml of the saline solution or neutral alcohol solution into the main bowl before placing the removable bowl in, fix in the paddle
Next strain the custard into a jug using a fine mesh sieve
Turn on the ice cream function and pour in the infused custard
The mixture will take about 35 minutes to churn

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