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Strawberry and lemon Jam

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For me strawberries are a true taste of summer, but you don't have to just relegate them to one season. You can prolong the season by making jam with them. Strawberries are a fruit that are low in pectin (natural setting agent) so need a helping hand when making jam. I tend to use jam sugar that has pectin added which helps the set. In this recipe I also like to add some lemon juice which offsets the strawberries with a bit of tartness. 

2kg strawberries, hulled and any soft spots removed
2kg jam sugar
Juice of 2 lemons

Place the sugar, strawberries and lemon juice in a large heavy bottomed pan
Bring to the boil and lower the heat and simmer for approximately 20 minutes
Using a sugar thermometer or thermapen constantly check if the temperature has reached setting point which is 104c, it may reach this temp before 20 minutes is up

You can also check the setting point using a plate which has been left in the freezer;
Pour a small amount of jam onto the plate and check to see if you can push the jam across the plate and that it wrinkles and does not flood back to where it was
Once the jam is ready you can now fill your jars

This makes approximately 10 jars of jam
Ensure your jars are clean and both the jars and the lids have been sterilised using hot water or a hot cycle in your dishwasher
Allow the jam to cool slightly and ensure the jars are warm while filling otherwise they will crack
Place the lids on immediately and store in a cool dry place until you wish to use it
The jam will keep for up to a year in a cupboard
Once opened the jam will keep for up to six months in the fridge

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