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Smoky slow roast tomato and chilli salsa

By June 16, 2017 , , ,

This is a great BBQ side dish and all you need to accompany it are some tortilla chips. This also pairs well with grilled cheese nachos or sometimes I like to add it to fried or scrambled eggs to pep them up. 

5 tomatoes halved
1 large red onion halved
1 red chilli, stalk removed (or more if you like yours spicy)
Juice of one lime
20g fresh coriander finely chopped
15ml olive oil
2g sugar
Salt and pepper to taste

Set your BBQ up for indirect cooking at 130c, I also like to throw on some hickory chips just to add a little extra smoke flavour
Halve the onion and the tomatoes and drizzle with some olive oil
Season with some salt and pepper
Place the onion, chilli and tomatoes on the griddle and cook for 2 hours
Place in a food processor and blend to form a chunky paste, you don't want it too smooth
Add the olive oil, sugar, lime juice, and coriander, stir to combine
Season to taste with the salt and pepper

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