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No bake chocolate biscuit cake

By May 26, 2017 , ,

Now I don’t have a sweet tooth, nor am I the world’s biggest fan of chocolate, but this recipe was a big favourite of mine growing up. It was also one of the few recipes where my mother would actually let me help. I used to get to stir the chocolate sauce and crumble the biscuits in. The biscuits used in this recipe are called Marietta or in some countries they are called Marie (it’s the brand name here in the Netherlands). I've no idea where this recipe came from other than it's one my mother learned at school in Ireland about 60 or so years ago. 

2 eggs (room temp) beaten
50g cocoa powder
150g caster sugar
200g butter
2 packets marie(tta) biscuits roughly broken up into small pieces

In a saucepan melt the butter and sugar together on a medium heat until the sugar has dissolved
Lower the heat, add the cocoa powder and then stir through the eggs, 

Stir for 2-3 mins to cook out the eggs, ensure to keep the temperature low as you do not want the egg mixture to scramble
Add the broken biscuits and ensure the chocolate mixture coats all the biscuits
Transfer to a baking tray and push the mixture down ensuring it is nicely compacted
Place in the fridge and allow to set for 4-6 hours

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