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Comté fondue with black truffle

By November 11, 2016 ,

I didn't purchase a fondue set until I moved to the Netherlands. It was an impulse buy and like any of these types of purchases you use them once and then never again. Five years later, the set is still getting good use, especially in the colder months.

Many of you may think of fondue as something that was all the rage in the 70's/80's and your fondue set has probably now been consigned to the back of a cupboard. For anyone else it will be associated with ski trips to France or Switzerland and is seen as something that is difficult to make or could go wrong easily. 
As long as you follow a few simple steps, you should be alright. This recipe is my adaptation of a basic fondue.
Having recently returned from Burgundy, I decided to make use of the wonderful fresh truffle that I bought at the market in Beaune.

300g cheese, I like to use either an aged c
omté or aged gruyère and emmenthal, grated and at room temp
200ml white wine
1 clove garlic finely grated or 1 clove confit garlic
1 bay leaf
1 sprig thyme
1 teaspoon dijon mustard
Salt and pepper to taste
10g cornflour mixed in 15ml of kirsch
Half a teaspoon of lemon juice to lift the flavour
1 small fresh truffle or 2ml truffle oil

In a pan add the wine, bay leaf and thyme and bring to the boil
Lower immediately to a medium heat and start to add the cheese slowly, whisking as you go
When all the cheese has been added, add the garlic and mustard stirring to combine
Next add the cornflour and kirsch mix, whisk until the cheese has formed a nice thick velvety sauce
Season with the salt, pepper and lemon juice
Grate the truffle into the fondue or stir in the truffle oil before serving
Serve with crusty bread or vegetables of your choice to dip in the fondue

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