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Getting veggy with it - Mushrooms

By April 21, 2015 , , ,

As a professed meat eater I am often surprised at how many vegetarian dishes I have in my repertoire. In our house vegan or vegetarian is considered a bad word. Before you think I hate these people I don't, just the sanctimonious ones who go on about it constantly.

I do remember many years ago inviting some friends over for a bbq (this was before I had the big green egg), only for said friends to turn up and announce that one of them was a vegetarian just as they came through the door. Luckily I always cooked a chargrilled vegetable side dish when I bbq'd and had plenty of salads, turns out said vegetarian wasn't a big fan of courgette, peppers or aubergine and didn't really eat salad. A month or so later we had another bbq having moved house and the veggie turned up this time armed with their own food (Linda McCartney frozen veggie burgers of some sort) and proceeded to destroy my bbq griddle by attempting to cook them on it. Needless to say it took weeks of cleaning to get the welded vegetation off it.

So now you understand why I'm not the worlds biggest fan of vegetarians.

What I am a big fan of is mushrooms, and so is my other half.
One dish I do like to make is stuffed mushrooms, great as a lunchtime snack or as a starter (just use smaller portobellos).
The following recipe is not wholly vegetarian but contains pancetta, if you do want to make it so, then omit the pancetta.

Stuffed Mushrooms serves 2

2 portobello mushrooms (try and get ones that have a deep middle)

20g butter softened
Heaped teaspoon dijon mustard
50g breadcrumbs
40g parmesan cheese grated
50g  pancetta finely chopped
50g mascarpone
50g blue cheese of your choice
1 egg beaten
1 egg white, whisked
sprig of thyme finely chopped
Sprig of parsely finely chopped
Salt and pepper to season

In a bowl mix the mascarpone, dijon, egg, blue cheese, herbs and pancetta together, season to taste
Gently fold in the whisked egg white to the cheese and egg mix
In a separate bowl mix the breadcrumbs and parmesan together for the topping
Smear the mushrooms inside and out with the butter
Now fill the mushrooms with the mix and top with the breadcrumbs and parmesan
Place in the oven (or your Big Green Egg/BBQ) at 150 Celsius for 20 minutes or until the top is crispy

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  1. If pancetta is a vegetable, we're sorted!

  2. This was never meant to be an exclusively vegetarian dish, just a dish which has the main ingredient which happens to be a veg(fungus) of sorts.