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Danish Lemonade cocktail

By April 17, 2015 , , , ,

Before any Danes who might be reading this start to question the recipe, this is not a traditional Danish recipe, but my take on a house cocktail that I had on a trip to Denmark last year in August.
It was also that trip which kinda inspired me to start this blog.

It was hardly cocktail weather, there was a thunderstorm and we took shelter in a cafe called Paté Paté in Kødbyen in Copenhagen. It was one of those chilled and lazy afternoons where we sat by the window watching people dodging the showers while feasting on seafood and sipping the house cocktail.

I like to make my own lemonade when the weather gets summery, there's nothing better than a tart/sweet lemonade to quench your thirst while sitting in the garden before embarking on a marathon bbq session. So these days when I want to pep the lemonade up I ask my other half if he would like some "Danish Lemonade" as a tribute to our culinary adventures.

So without further ado here's my take on "Danish" Lemonade

To make the lemonade

Juice of 6 lemons
1 inch of ginger thickly sliced
200ml 1:1 sugar syrup (bring 200ml of water and 200g of sugar to the boil, turn the heat down and then let the sugar dissolve, allow to cool)
1500ml chilled spring water or lightly sparkling (badoit is my favourite)

Mix all of the above in a jug, if you prefer your lemonade a tad sweeter, then add more sugar syrup.
Leave to sit in the fridge for several hours to allow the ginger to infuse.

To make the cocktail
In a tall glass add some ice cubes
Pour in 50ml of rum (my favourite is Mount Gay rum)
Top up with lemonade


Some variations on the lemonade
I sometimes like to omit the ginger and add several sprigs of mint instead, which I'd dub "Irish Lemonade", simply because I'm Irish and I'd be the only one drinking it as my other half hates mint.
I also like to add lemongrass as well to the ginger concoction the combination is really nice.
The original drink that we had in Copenhagen didn't have ginger or lemongrass in it, but I think it works well with the rum.

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