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Loaded potato skins

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I used to have this dish at an American style restaurant in London many years ago.  I decided to revisit the dish again recently after a near 20 year hiatus. I think it was inspired by a recent purchase of Jersey Royal potatoes. I never actually made it at home and it was always a treat when eating out as a poor student.

Now I know Jersey Royals are not exactly local fare but I was pretty excited when I spotted them in the local shop. 
I can hear you all saying now, "Hmmm Irish person waxing lyrical about spuds, what's new"? Jersey Royals are something special and like Asparagus have a limited season, so it is nice to see them being imported over here in NL.

Like Asparagus I like to try the first of the season with nothing other than salt and butter, after that it's game on as to how I'll prepare them. 

This recipe can be pretty much replicated with any type of potato, so you're not limited by season.

Loaded Jacket potato skins

6-8 medium size potatoes
100g lardons or streaky bacon chopped
50g cream cheese
50g grated gruyere
2 scallions finely chopped
1 egg yolk
1 teaspoon dijon mustard
Salt and pepper to taste

Bake the potatoes in an oven (or BBQ, indirect heat) at 180 celsius for 45 minutes
Allow to cool, cut in half and remove the potato flesh, place the flesh in a bowl
Place the skins on a baking tray ready to be filled
In a pan fry off the lardons and the scallions, place in the bowl with the potato flesh
Add the rest of the ingredients into the bowl (except the skins) and mix well together
Then using a spoon fill all the potato skins
Bake in an oven (or BBQ, indirect) at 180 celsuis for 20 minutes or till the top is brown and crispy


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