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Sausages - you can't beat a good banger!

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Making sausages isn't an easy feat, its messy, long winded and does require the right equipment. It also requires the help of someone who isn't squeamish and it would help if your assistant refrains from making lewd remarks during the making of said sausages!

I'm not trying to put you off,  it's a lot of work and the most wonderful thing is when you know that the sausages in your fry up are made by your own fair hand!

What you do require is a mincer, a sausage stuffer and casings. I'm lucky that I have a Kitchen Aid and sausage making accessories, so the job is a lot easier. Casings are easily available online but check how long you need to soak the casings for before use. My preference is hog casings as they don't have a tendency to burst as easily, but you can use sheep casings which can be a bit more delicate, so need to take care when stuffing.

You can also purchase mincers with sausage stuffers. If you don't have a mincer ask, your butcher to mince your meat for you. With regards the pork, I find duroc or tamworth breeds yield the best meat to fat ratios. Breeds such as mangalitsa have a higher fat content and you end up with a fatty sausage. My preference is always belly for sausages, but you can use shoulder. Do ensure there is some fat in your sausage mix as it will keep the meat moist when cooking.

Herby Sausages

Sausage casings (sheep casings are best)
2kg pork belly roughly minced (I prefer pork belly, but you can use cuts such as shoulder as well)
10g finely chopped fresh thyme
10g Finely chopped fresh sage
20g finely chopped sage
75g breadcrumbs
Salt and pepper to season

Soak the casings overnight or according to the instructions before making the sausages
Mix the herbs, breadcrumbs and seasoning together with the minced pork belly
To test if it has been seasoned enough, fry off a small piece and taste, adjust seasoning if necessary
Fill the sausage casings slowly, but not too slow, using a sausage stuffer
Do not over stuff the casing otherwise the sausages will burst when cooking
You can then either make a cumberland style sausage link or select the size of sausage you wish to have and twist at each end, be careful when doing this as you can easily burst the casing

Chorizo Style Sausage

Sausage casings (sheep casings are best)
2kg pork belly roughly minced 
4 cloves garlic finely grated
200g breadcrumbs
100ml red wine
20ml sherry vinegar
70g smoked paprika 
Salt and pepper to season

Follow the above method for the herby sausages, do test the mix by cooking it out for taste and adjust seasoning accordingly
You may want to add more paprika for an extra smoky kick.

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