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Martinez cocktail

By January 29, 2021

This cocktail was the precursor to the martini. It originated in the 1790's in America and was thought to have been made with old Tom gin, which is a sweeter version of modern day gins and a sweet vermouth. As tastes changed through the ages, its drier counterpart began to court popularity and the dry martini was born. This recipe is a twist (pardon the pun) on the original and uses corenwyn which is a distilled Dutch malt wine spirit flavoured with juniper berries and matured in oak casks. It's based on a cocktail I had in one of my favourite bars in Amsterdam, The Tailor.

60ml corenwyn 
30ml red Dolin vermouth
10ml maraschino liqueur
3 dashes orange bitters

Place all the ingredients in a mixing jug and add ice, stir to combine (no longer than 30 - 40 seconds) and strain into a martini glass
You can serve this with either a maraschino cherry or a twist of orange

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  1. We love our cocktails and especially the Martinez so this variation was a great excuse to buy some corenwijn! We found one called Beek and it's matured in oak for 1 year. Nice and smoky. Thanks