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Grilled oysters with pickled apple and whiskey

By May 12, 2023

I've always been a big fan of oysters and they work so well on the barbecue. When we lived in the Netherlands oysters were a rare purchase, on moving to France they are more readily available and not very expensive. That doesn't mean we are quaffing large quantities, we just get to enjoy them more often chez Kitchen Exile. This is a relatively simple, yet very tasty recipe, the pickled apples adding a sweet and sour kick in contrast to the saltiness of the oysters. The whiskey brings a subtle depth to the finish. 

Grilled Oysters with pickled apple and Whiskey

8 oysters unopened

Half a granny smith apple chopped into small cubes 10ml cider vinegar 20ml Teeling small batch whiskey

Set your barbecue up for direct cooking at 170c
Place the chopped apple into a small bowl and pour over the vinegar
Mix well and leave for at least 1 hour
Place the oysters on the griddle and cook for at least 10 mins until they start to open slightly. You don't want them to open too much otherwise they dry out.
Remove the oysters from the barbecue and place to one side until they have cooled enough to handle
Open the oysters leaving the flesh inside
Place 10 or so cubes of pickled apple into each oyster
Pour 2ml of the whiskey into each oyster
And enjoy!

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