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Grilled white asparagus with brown shrimp and a lemon, tarragon dressing

By May 26, 2022 , ,

A simple combination of flavours is all that is needed to give you a delicious dish. Not all recipes need to be complicated. Asparagus benefits from being grilled as it enhances its natural sweetness, combine this with equally sweet shrimp and a citrussy dressing and you're almost there. The aniseed notes from the tarragon give it the depth it deserves. 

10 white asparagus spears, peeled and woody ends cut off
200g peeled and cooked brown shrimp
5ml oil
Salt and pepper to season

20ml rapeseed oil
20ml lemon juice
2g dried tarragon

Place all dressing ingredients in a jam jar and shake well

Set your barbecue up for direct cooking at 220c
Brush the asparagus with oil
Cook the asparagus for 5- 10 minutes depending on the thickness, ensure you keep turning the asparagus every minute or so to ensure an even cook
Test the asparagus for doneness by piercing with a knife, if it goes through easily then it is ready
Place on a plate and season with the salt and pepper
Sprinkle over the shrimp and then pour over the dressing

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