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Haggis Style meatballs

By January 24, 2022 , ,

This is one of the first years I wasn't able to get hold of some haggis for Burns Night. So I decided to make a version of it myself instead. Haggis is normally made from lambs pluck which is the heart, liver and lungs wrapped in an ox bung casing. I decided to make a version with heart, liver and neck and using pigs caul to wrap the meatballs. I had to put in a special request with one of my local farmers to get some of the offal as lamb offal is not that popular here in the Netherlands.
I amped up the spicing and used cinnamon, onion seed and allspice berries along with the traditional coriander, mace and nutmeg. I used whole spices which I toasted and then ground myself, but you can use pre ground spices if you so wish. I came up with this dish for a live Instagram special that I do every month with a good friend of mine, Sue Stoneman, this months theme was Burns Night with whisky cocktails and haggis style dishes cooked on the barbecue. 
Meatball Filling
200g neck (ensure there is some fat on the meat)
200g liver
100g heart
1 onion finely chopped
5g ground coriander
1g ground cinnamon
2g ground nutmeg
2g freshly ground black pepper
2g freshly ground mace
2g allspice powder
salt and pepper to season
200g caul fat/crepinette (you will need to ask your butcher for this, or if you can't get hold of it then use thinly sliced bacon or pancetta instead)
5g celery salt
40g oatmeal
60ml chicken stock 

For cooking
100ml chicken stock
3 cloves of garlic crushed
1 onion quartered
Bouquet garni (rosemary, thyme, parsley and bay leaf)

Place the oatmeal in a bowl and pour over the 60ml chicken stock and allow it to soak up the stock for a couple of hours
Using the fine blade on your mincer, mince the neck, liver and heart or ask your butcher to do this for you
Place the meat into a bowl, add the spices, onion, oatmeal and season with salt, mix well to combine
Fry off a small piece of the mixture to check the seasoning and add more to the mix if needed
Form the mix into round balls (about 50g each), wrap each ball with caul or bacon if using to hold them together, this should make roughly 10 meatballs
Place in the fridge for 2-3 hours to firm up

Preheat the oven to 150c (fan) 160c (normal),
If cooking on the BBQ then set the BBQ up for indirect cooking at 150c and use a deep cast iron baking dish or pan
In a baking dish (oven method) or cast iron (bbq method) place gravy ingredients (veg, garlic,  herbs, stock and onions) and place the meatballs in the dish
Roast in the oven or BBQ for 40 minutes
Take the meatballs out of the dish and place to one side and cover with tin foil to keep warm
Strain the gravy into a pan and reduce until it thickens, then serve with the meatballs
I like to serve this with hassleback squash and a creamy mash

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