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Butternut squash and mushroom lasagne

By October 22, 2021 , ,

I'm a huge lasagne fan but it doesn't have to be all meat. In the autumn I like to play with ingredients such as squash and mushrooms which work well together. Believe me, you will not miss the meat element as the mushrooms pack enough of a meaty punch, frying them with Worcestershire sauce adds bags of flavour. Rather than using a bechamel sauce, I whizz up the squash with gorgonzola and mascarpone. It's a pretty rich combination but it works.

300g butternut squash seeds removed and cut into cubes
600g chestnut mushrooms roughly chopped
10ml oil for frying
5ml Worcestershire sauce
5 sprigs thyme, leave removed and roughly chopped
70g gorgonzola
70g mascarpone
70g freshly grated parmesan
10g parmesan for the top
20g gorgonzola cubed for the top
20g mascarpone for the top
100g fresh pasta dough rolled out thinly and cut into 4 sheets or 4 sheets of fresh lasagne
Sat and pepper for seasoning

Place the cubed squash on a baking tray and place in an oven at 180c for 30 minutes or until a knife pierces them easily
Remove from the oven and place to one side to cool
In a pan fry off the mushrooms on a medium heat, after 5 minutes add the Worcestershire sauce and stir through, fry for another 5 minutes and season with the salt and pepper, sprinkle with the thyme and stir though
Place the mushrooms to one side to cool
In a food processor whizz up the mascarpone, gorgonzola and the butternut squash, season to taste with the salt and pepper
Start to assemble the lasagne in a deep baking dish or cast iron dish
Place a layer of mushrooms, sprinkle over some of the parmesan
Spoon over some of the squash mix so it covers the mushrooms, add a pasta sheet
Continue to layer the lasagne
for the topping sprinkle over the parmesan and dot with the gorgonzola cubes and mascarpone
Set your barbecue up for indirect cooking at 180c or place in the oven at 180c for 30-35 minutes 

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