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Roast madras monkfish tail

By September 10, 2021 , ,

Monkfish works really well with strong flavours and is quite a meaty fish. This recipe is influenced by a dish I had at Purnell's restaurant that I had when I lived in the UK. I decided to go with my own madras style spice rub which has a bit more punch to it flavour wise. Roasting the tail with the bone in adds more flavour and naturally I would roast it on the barbecue. 

1 monkfish tail, bone in (around 400g)
20g melted butter
5g salt

Madras spice rub
5g nigella seeds
5g madras curry powder
2g turmeric
2g cayenne pepper
2g garam masala

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl 

Fish preparation
First prepare the monkfish tail by removing the clear membrane (or ask your fishmonger to do this for you)
Salt the fish all over and place in the fridge on a plate for 1 hour
After the hour has elapsed remove the fish from the fridge and wash off the salt
pat dry with a kitchen towel
Baste the fish with the melted butter
Sprinkle all over with the spice rub
Place the fish back in the fridge for 4 hours

Set your barbecue up for indirect cooking at 180c or oven at 170c (fan), 180c (normal)
Place the fish on a baking tray or cast iron skillet and roast for 40 minutes or until the fish reaches 65c internal temperature
I like to serve this with a coconut pilau rice and mango chutney

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