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Heart, marrowbone and hanger steak burger

By May 28, 2021

I do like my offal and love to make the most of those tasty but unwanted cuts of meat. For years I've been buying my beef from a local farmer who has wonderful grass fed Lakenvelder beef. Great flavour and marbling. I tend to buy whole cuts from him and prepare and/or mince them myself. 

Heart is a very underestimated cut with a gorgeous deep flavour, marrowbone again has bags of flavour and a rich fattiness to it. Finally the hanger (or skirt/butchers) steak, which is my favourite steak, it's a cut just below the diaphragm above the belly on the cow. There's not very much per animal roughly 400g depending on the size of the cow, but it is tender and delicious. 
Put all these three cuts together and you're onto a winner. 

400g hanger steak cut into small cubes
500g heart, sinews and muscle removed, cut into small cubes
225g marrow from shin bone finely chopped
5g celery salt
5g freshly ground black pepper

I use the medium plate on my mincer when grinding up the beef
Ensure the meat is well chilled before mincing
Mince the meat, alternating each of the cuts you are using to ensure an even distribution
Stir through the seasoning and then form into burgers
When cooking I like to season with smoked sea salt beforehand and then cook direct on the BBQ for 1-2 minutes each side or until it reaches 51c core temp
I like to serve it with grilled red onions and my home smoked Leerdammer cheese on a beer bread bun

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