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Grilled Oysters Rockefeller style

By September 20, 2020

 This recipe certainly brings back memories of growing up in the West of Ireland, a region well known for it's seafood and especially it's oysters. Oysters are a symbol these days of luxury, though it wasn't the case in the past, as they were cheap and easily available. I have memories of my father bringing back a car bootful of oysters after work. He was a cash a carry manager and often local hoteliers or restaurant owners would give him local oysters that they had excess of from local fishermen. I've got into grilling my oysters on the BBQ and like to add flavoured butters or herbs, just enough so they don't detract from the wonderful oysters themselves. It's also a great lazy way of "shucking" them, sometimes I put them on the grill on a lowish heat and they open up quite nicely. 

12 oysters
100g butter
30g flat leaf parsley
30g fresh chives finely chopped
50g spring onion green part 
100g panko breadcrumbs

Whizz the butter herbs and spring onions up into a paste in a food processor
Roll into a cylindrical shape and wrap in cling film and place in the fridge to firm up

Set the BBQ for direct cooking at 200c
Open the oysters, pour out the excess juice and place a half teaspoon of butter in each oyster over the meat
Sprinkle over the breadcrumbs until you have a light coating on top
Place on the grill and cook for 5 - 8 minutes until the butter has melted and the breadcrumbs start to brown slightly
You can also cook these under the grill if you don't want to BBQ, keep an eye on them as you don't want the oyster to dry out too much or the breadcrumbs to burn, so 5 minutes should be fine

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