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Chinese style roast seabass

By May 08, 2020 , ,

Whole baked fish doesn't need to be complicated and can make a great party dish. This simple marinade certainly packs a punch in flavour and really works well with fish such as seabass or dorade.

10ml sesame oil
45ml soy sauce
30ml rice wine
4 scallions sliced diagonally
15g ginger sliced into julienne
1 red chilli sliced diagonally
1 whole fish - dorade or seabass

Mix the sesame oil, soy sauce and rice wine together
Place a quarter of the vegetables on the bottom of a baking dish or cast iron pan
Place the fish on top, stuff the cavity with more vegetables and then scatter the rest on top
Pour over the liquid mix ensuring you cover the whole fish, place to one side to marinade for 2 hours
Set your oven to 170c (fan) 180c (normal) or BBQ for indirect cooking at 180c
The time taken to cook the fish will vary depending on the size you have chosen, aim for 30 minutes minimum or until it has reached a core temp of 57c
Other indicators of doneness are opaque eyes or that you can easily remove the fins

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