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Soy and lime Mackerel tartare

By July 03, 2020

If you can get exceptionally fresh mackerel then this dish is ideal. The sweet and salty notes from the mirin and soy go really well with the mackerel. Combined with the sharpness from the lime pickled cucumber and heat from the wasabi it makes a wonderful flavoursome dish.

1 mackerel filleted, pin boned and skin removed
Juice of one lime
5cm piece of cucumber de-seeded and finely chopped into small cubes
15ml soy sauce
10ml mirin
10ml wasabi paste
5g nori flakes

In a bowl, pour the lime juice over the cucumber, keep back 5ml for the mackerel marinade and leave in the fridge for 1 hour
Dice the mackerel into small pieces about 1cm each
Mix the mirin, 5ml of lime juice and soy together, pour over the mackerel and leave for about 15 minutes to marinate
Before serving, add the lime pickled cucumber to the mackerel mix and stir to combine
Divide the mixture up between two plates, if you want it to look neater you can use a metal ring
Sprinkle over the nori flakes and dot with the wasabi

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