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Cheers and have a great weekend peeps - Rum Barrel west Amsterdam

By March 27, 2020

I used to raise a glass to the weekend with a little cocktail on a Friday, This involved a picture of said cocktail posted on social media, some of you might have seen it. I stopped doing it last year but have decided to start again.

I'm resurrecting my "Friday cheers" but with a difference. I'd like to support those in the bar industry that have had to close because of the coronavirus pandemic. I'll also be featuring a link to any voucher scheme that the bar will be running. Please support as we'd like these guys to be around when this is all over!

So Cheers and have a Great weekend peeps!

This week's cheers comes from Rum Barrel West in Amsterdam with their signature cocktail;

Storm in a barrel

50ml Rum Barrel House Blend Rum
1/2 a Squeezed Lime
Fill with Ginger Beer
2 Dashes Angostura bitters

Link to voucher scheme 

If any other bars wish to participate then feel free to contact me via the contact details in my about me page.

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