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Harissa goat sausages

By October 21, 2019 , , ,

This recipe is based on merguez style sausages that are often traditionally made with Lamb. As I may have mentioned before goat pairs really well with spices, so these sausages are perfect. I like to make the sausage mix the day before to allow the flavours to develop. 

Sausage casings (hog or sheep casings are good)
1kg goat shoulder roughly minced
10g whole cumin seeds, lightly crushed
2g fennel seeds
10g sweet paprika powder
50g harissa paste
10g chilli flakes
Salt and pepper to season

Soak the casings overnight or according to the instructions before making the sausages
Mix the spices and seasoning together with the minced goat shoulder, place in the fridge for a few hours or overnight to let the flavours develop
To test if it has been seasoned enough, fry off a small piece and taste, adjust seasoning or spices if necessary
Fill the sausage casings slowly using a sausage stuffer
Do not overstuff the casing otherwise the sausages will burst when cooking
I like to make these into a cumberland style sausage link which is a round continuous coil, up to you how large you wish to make it

You can secure the coil for cooking by putting a skewer through to hold it in place

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