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Chocolate stout cake

By July 12, 2019 , , ,

This recipe came about as a friend gave me some of their porter/stout style beer. I found it a little too sweet for my taste and thought it could be put to better use in cooking. Rather than going down the usual route of using it for savoury in a stew, I thought it would pair well with chocolate in a cake.

150g salted butter
170g dark brown sugar
50g cocoa powder
200g self raising flour
2 eggs
150g chocolate (55%)
200ml stout

Cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy
Add the eggs one by one and mix through, it may looked curdled but it will come together eventually
Place the chocolate and stout together in a bowl and place over a pan of simmering water, stir until all the chocolate has melted, place to one side and allow to cool slightly
Pour the chocolate and stout mix into the bowl with the eggs, sugar and butter
Fold in the flour and pour into a greased cake tin
Cook for 40 minutes at 190c or until a skewer comes out clean
Serve with a dollop of cream or vanilla ice cream

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