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Soused herrings with horseradish cream

By June 18, 2021 ,

Herring or as it's known in the Netherlands Haring, is a tasty little morsel. Here in the Netherlands it is extremely popular, mainly eaten raw on it's own or with onions and pickles in bread. You can buy it at many herring stalls dotted around the cities here or at the weekly markets. Eating it is an art in itself, holding the filleted herring by the tail, you hold it over your face and lower it into your mouth chewing and swallowing as you go. Some of the stalls also sell a nip of genever to accompany your herring. 

4 herring, filleted and boned

For the brine
70g salt
80g sugar
100ml white wine vinegar
1 litre water
Half an onion sliced

Dissolve the salt and sugar in the water and vinegar
Add the onion
Immerse the herring for 2 hours, until it starts to take on a firmer texture

For the horseradish sauce 
20g freshly grated horseradish
Juice of half a lemon
100g crème fraiche
2g honey
Salt and pepper to taste

Mix the horseradish with the crème fraiche, lemon and honey, season with the salt and pepper
Serve with rye or brown soda bread

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