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My cookbooks - Hawksmoor at Home, Richard Turner and Huw Gott

By March 29, 2019

Hawksmoor was a regular haunt of mine when I worked in London. It still ranks as one of the best steakhouses I've ever visited and I always make a point of going there when I get back to the big smoke.

My go to dishes were always the lobster starter followed by the 55 day D rump steak with sides of mushrooms, chips and creamed spinach. I'd always kick off my meal with a negroni and to this day any time I cook a steak, I have to have a negroni. To finish it would always be a shared chocolate sundae as I was too stuffed to eat a whole one myself. The menu may have slightly changed but it is still the same high quality produce. 

The book covers recipes many of the dishes on their menu from starter to dessert but also goes into great detail about meat and respecting the animal from which it came from. It also celebrates the fact that we should care about what goes on our plates and how it got there. That if possible, you should look to sourcing your meat from local farmers and butchers and stop buying intensively reared supermarket meat which is often imported.
You also get to learn the basics of cooking a good steak, the various cuts and what they are best suited to. I also like the fact there are some cocktail recipes in the book as well. It's a simple enough concept for the book but gives you a decent repertoire for dishes to accompany your steak and many other recipes based around traditional English fare.

Now that I don't live or work in London anymore, I do have a piece of Hawksmoor in my own home.

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