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Madras salmon en croute

By February 21, 2019 , ,

I decided to stray from the usual classical style salmon wrapped in pastry dish and pep things up a bit with Indian spices. This makes a great dinner party dish and will certainly impress your guests. 

Definitely worth the effort and can be made in advance so you can just put it in the oven when you are about to kick off your dinner.
The trick with this is to salt the salmon for about an hour before you wrap it in the pastry, this draws out any excess moisture and helps to season and firm up the salmon. It also eliminates any soggy pastry worries too! You can use shop bought puff pastry for this dish, if doing so use a quality all butter puff pastry.

250g puff or rough puff pastry
500g salmon fillet skin removed
20g salt
250g finely chopped chestnut mushrooms
10g madras curry powder
2g turmeric powder
10g finely grated ginger
5g cumin seeds
2 cloves garlic finely grated
1 shallot finely chopped
10ml oil for frying
1 beaten egg for egg washing the pastry

Place the salmon fillet in a deep dish and cover all over lightly with the salt, you may not need to use all of it
Cover and place in the fridge for 1 hour
Fry off the shallot, ginger and garlic in the oil on a low heat until soft, add the madras, cumin and turmeric and cook for a further 5 minutes
Add the mushrooms and continue to cook until all the moisture has come out and the mixture resembles a dry paste
Remove to one side and allow to cool
Next roll out the pastry until it is 5mm thick, cut out 2 pieces that are slightly wider than the salmon that you intend to wrap them in
Remove the salmon from the fridge and wipe off any excess moisture and salt
Put the bottom layer of the pastry on some non stick baking parchment
Spread half the mushroom mix over the bottom layer of the pastry about the same size as the salmon, place the salmon on top and spread the rest of the mushroom mix over the salmon
Brush the sides of the pastry around the salmon with egg wash
Lower the top layer of the pastry over the salmon and push down around the edges gently to seal, I use a fork to do this
Brush the beaten egg over the pastry and place in the fridge for at least 30 minutes for the pastry to firm up
Pre-heat the oven to 180c (fan), 190c (normal) place a flat baking sheet in the oven to warm up (I find this helps the bottom crisp up and prevents it going soggy)
Once the oven is ready, place the salmon on the pre-heated baking sheet and cook for 30 - 40 minutes or until the salmon reaches 63c - 64c in the deepest part and the pastry is golden brown
Remove from the oven and serve with a masala style sauce or tomato and cucumber raita

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