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Vanilla Marshmallows

By January 18, 2019 , ,

These are an occasional sweet treat and certainly worth the effort to make every once in a while. Easily eaten on their own or dipped in melted chocolate, up to you how you'd like to indulge.

4 egg whites
450g sugar
200ml water
10ml vanilla extract
6 sheets gelatin soaked in 200ml water
Pinch salt
100g cornflour to dust baking tray
Non stick baking parchment to line baking tray

Add the salt to the egg whites and whisk until they have stiff peaks

While the egg whites are whisking place the sugar and water in a pan and bring to the boil until it reaches 127c
When the syrup is up to temperature add in the gelatin leaves and the water and stir quickly to combine
Start to add slowly to the egg whites while still whisking
Add in the vanilla extract and continue to whisk until the egg whites have cooled sufficiently
Line a deep dish baking tray with parchment and sieve over half the cornflour
Pour the marshmallow mix into the tray and place in the fridge to set for several hours, preferably overnight
Before serving dust with the rest of the cornflour and cut into cubes

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