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Chilli and apple jam

By November 15, 2018 , ,

I've been making variations of this jam for many years now. Because the chillies do not have a high pectin content the jam is often difficult to set. For many years I struggled with the setting point but I was given some crab apples by a friend and knowing that they have a relatively high pectin content thought it would be good to give them a go in the jam. It certainly helped with the setting and also the flavour too. This jam goes really well with cheeses and makes a great base for chilli dips to accompany spring rolls or Thai fish cakes. 

350g red chillies
350g crab apples or bramley (peeled and cored) 
300ml cider vinegar
700g jam sugar
Juice of 1 lemon

To help set if not using jam sugar 50g powdered pectin 

This makes about five 200g jars of jam

Remove the stalks from the chillies, you can remove the seeds if you like, I prefer a bit of heat, so I leave them in
Place the chillies and the apples in a food processor and pulse until you have a very rough paste, you do not want a smooth paste
Place in a heavy bottomed pan with the vinegar and sugar and on a high heat bring to the boil
Allow to boil until such time as it has reached 105c which is setting point

You can also check the setting point using a plate which has been left in the freezer for about 10 minutes;
Pour a small amount of jam onto the plate and check to see if you can push the jam across the plate and that it wrinkles and does not flood back to where it was

Ensure your jars are clean and both the jars and the lids have been sterilised using hot water or a hot cycle in your dishwasher
Allow the jam to cool slightly and ensure the jars are warm while filling otherwise they may crack
Place the lids on immediately and store in a cool dry place until you wish to use it
The jam will keep for up to a year in a cupboard
Once opened the jam will keep for up to six months in the fridge

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