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Stuffed shoulder of goat with saffron potatoes

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Goat is well suited to Persian style dishes. I decided rather than make a koresh or tagine, to stuff the goat shoulder with the spices and fruits you'd find in a koresh and slow roast it instead. The quinces sweeten quite nicely during the cooking process and it's something a little different to the usual stuffed leg or shoulder of lamb.

1 kg shoulder of goat, boned out, ask your butcher to do this
200ml lamb or chicken stock
Butchers twine 
50ml oil

Stuffing mix
2 cloves garlic grated
10g grated ginger
100g quince grated
50g grated onion
5 strands saffron
50g roasted unsalted pistachios finely chopped
5g ground cinnamon
5g ground cumin
Salt and pepper

Mix all the stuffing ingredients together, season with salt and pepper and rub all over the inside of the shoulder
Roll up and tie with butchers twine to hold it together

Rub the outside with the oil and season with salt and pepper
Place in a roasting dish with the stock and cover with tin foil
Place in the oven (140c fan, 150c normal) or BBQ set up for indirect cooking (150c) for 2 hours
Take the foil off and cook for another hour
Allow to rest in a warm place for about 15 minutes before serving
You can use the roasting liquid as gravy, just place in a pan and reduce by half to thicken slightly

Saffron Potatoes
4 potatoes peeled and thinly sliced about 2ml thick
100ml chicken stock and 5 strands saffron
Salt and pepper

Mix the stock and the saffron together in a small dish 
Layer the potatoes in a small baking dish and season each layer with the salt and pepper
Pour over the stock and saffron mix and place in an oven (140c fan, 150c normal) or BBQ set up for indirect cooking (150c) for 1 hour
You can test for doneness by piercing with a knife, if it goes through easily they are done

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