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My Cookbooks - Ices and Ice creams, Agnes B Marshall

By September 04, 2018

Been making a lot of ice creams and sorbets lately, so naturally I wanted to expand my collection of books on the subject. This book by Agnes B. Marshall is one of the earliest known ice cream books, published in 1885. To this day she is still hailed by chefs such as Heston Blumenthal and he has featured tributes to some of her dishes on his earlier menus at the Fat Duck. I was lucky to try his ''Mrs Marshall's Margaret coronet" when I first ate there many years ago, I still have the menu. 

I love historical cookbooks anything about the history of food, chefs and cooks through the ages. Mrs Marshall was ahead of her time in the Victorian era, as she was one of the original entrepreneurs and ran her own cookery school. 

Do not expect a modern version of recipes with measurements in metric and imperial and simple methods. There is a lot of cross referencing between recipes but it is a great little read especially when you can see that many recipes are still around after all these years.

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