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Salmon with a pesto crust

By August 06, 2018 , ,

Succulent fish with a glorious crispy topping. This salmon dish has some great contrasts in flavour and texture. relatively simple to put together, it will make a great dinner party dish. 

2 salmon fillets (skin removed) about 150g each
100g pesto sauce (find the recipe here) mixed with 70g bread crumbs

10ml oil for frying

Place the pesto crumb mix over the top of the fillets until they are fully covered 
I start this off in a pan and cook the underside of the salmon for about 1 minute
I then place under a medium grill for 5-8 minutes until the top starts to crisp
I like my salmon on the rare side so if you want yours cooked that little bit longer, move the grill shelf lower down in the oven and cook the salmon on a medium heat grill for 10 mins ensuring that you don't burn the crust

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