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My Cookbooks - Leiths cookery bible, Prue Leith and Caroline Waldegrave

By August 27, 2018

This cookbook had to crop up sooner rather than later as it formed the basis for most of my professional chef diploma at Leith's School of Food and wine in London. Many of the recipes had to be committed to memory for exams and 14 years later I can still recall them without having to consult the book. It is one of the cookbooks that I still consult on a regular basis for inspiration and research.

The book follows the classics and the basics for traditional French cooking as did the course. When we began the course, the premise was to teach us as if we had never been in a kitchen in our lives. On that basis the book suits all levels of cooks from beginner to old hand in the kitchen. You can also guarantee the recipes will have been tested by at least 90 students on a yearly basis. 

You may be wondering, why a picture of the inside title page? As this was one of our reference books for the course, it was carted back and forth to class on a daily basis, so did suffer some wear and tear in that year. The dust jacket was torn and the spine has been repaired several times with gaffer tape, but it's still holding together. 

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