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Pimms granita

By June 29, 2018 , ,

I was introduced to Pimms many years ago and it's become a summer favourite of mine. So what better than to take it one step further and make a refreshing granita. I like to make my own lemonade for this as I'm not a fan of shop bought versions with artificial flavours. 

Granitas are often seen as these very grainy, flaky ices, but they are much more refined than that. The traditional versions tend to be finer textured than the popular versions we see in many recipes. This is one of my recipes that I used when testing the Magimix Gelato Expert granita function. I've also included a method for making it without machine.

Juice of 4 lemons
750ml sparkling water
100ml lemon sugar syrup or simple sugar syrup

Mix all ingredients together in a jug

200ml pimms
400ml lemonade

By Machine 
Mix the ingredients together in a jug and place in the fridge for 3-4 hours to allow to cool
Start the refrigeration unit going on your ice cream maker for 5 minutes to allow the bowl to become cool
Start the granita function and pour in the pimms mix
Serve immediately

By Hand 
For those of you making this without an ice cream maker then pour the mixture into a baking tray and place in the freezer
To get the granita effect you need to take the mix out every hour and scrape it with a fork to get a grainy effect before putting it back in the fridge to refreeze

Continue to do this until all the mix has been flaked up

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