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The Exile BBQ rub

By April 06, 2018 ,

I've been asked for this recipe quite a lot so thought it best to share. Its a rub I like to use for both chicken and pork recipes and works especially well with ribs. When making my rubs or spice mixes, I tend to use whole spices toasting them in a pan and then grinding in a mortar and pestle. You can use a coffee grinder, but if you do, try and use a burr grinder as it doesn't tend to heat up as much and won't destroy any aromatic oils in the spices. My other preference is for a good Hungarian sweet paprika as it has a wonderful flavour but Spanish is good as well. 

45g sweet paprika
25g smoked sweet paprika
5g pimenta (all spice berries)
15g garlic powder
15g onion powder
15g cumin seeds 
1 inch cinnamon stick 
5g coriander seed 
5g black peppercorns 
60g  dried oregano 
20g dried parsely
20g dried coriander leaves
10g celery salt
10g chipotle chilli flakes

Toast the cinnamon stick, coriander, cumin, pimenta and peppercorns on a medium heat in a pan for five minutes
Place in a mortar and pestle and grind until you get a rough powder
Remove to a bowl and mix through the rest of the ingredients
Place in a airtight jar in a dark place
This will keep for a couple of months

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