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Tastes of home part 10 - Beef, marrowbone and Guinness stew

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I've always liked this recipe as it has a deep flavour, but I wanted to take it a step further and enrich the dish. Using marrowbone is a great way of doing this, it has its own unique flavour and adds so much more. It thickens and enriches the sauce. My preference is to buy shin of beef with the bone attached, that way the marrow just melts into the stew as it cooks or you can buy it separately and just add it in. 

500g beef cheek or shin of beef cut into 1 inch cubes
100g marrow bone scraped out of the bone and roughly chopped
2 onions finely chopped
1 medium sized carrot finely chopped
1 stick celery finely chopped
400ml Guinness
200ml beef stock
20g tomato puree
10g plain flour
Bouquet garni with thyme, rosemary and bay leaf
10ml oil for frying

Salt and pepper to taste
5ml Worcestershire sauce

Place the onions, carrot and celery into a heavy based or cast iron Dutch oven with the oil and fry on a low heat until all ingredients are softened
Add the flour and tomato puree and cook out for 1-2 mins
Remove the veg to a plate and turning up the heat, add a little more oil, fry off the beef, ensuring you brown the pieces on all sides
Add the veg back to the pan, lower the heat and add the Guinness, stock and herbs, stir the veg and meat to mix it well

At this stage you can add the marrowbone to the stew
To cook on the BBQ, set it up for indirect cooking at 130c and place the griddle on, then place the pan, lid on, on the griddle, and cook for 3 hours
If cooking using a conventional cooking method then place a lid on the pan and cook on a low heat on your stove top or in a low oven at 120c (fan) 130c (normal) for 3 hours

To finish add the Worcestershire sauce and stir through
Season to taste before serving

I like to serve this with a nice creamy mash or herby suet dumplings

For the dumplings

100g self raising flour
5g baking powder
50g suet
5g fresh thyme leaves
5g fresh rosemary chopped
5g parsely
2g onion powder
2g garlic powder
30g breadcrumbs
1 egg beaten
30ml water
Pinch of salt

Mix all the dry ingredients together and add the egg and water and bring together until it forms a loose dough.
Form the mixture into small balls about the size of an egg and add to the stew about 30 mins before the stew is ready 
Make sure they are well spaced out as they will double in size as they cook
I like to cook these with the lid off as the tops of the dumplings will crisp as they cook

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