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Smoked duck breast with a cherry compote

By July 14, 2017 , ,

Duck always pairs well with sweet sauces.The trick with this recipe is to get the smoke just right and ensure the sauce doesn't overpower with sweetness. I cook this first in a pan, rendering the fat from the skin and then finish with cherry wood chips on the BBQ to give it the smoky edge.

This recipe serves 2
1 large duck breast about 250g
100g cherries pits removed and roughly chopped
Salt and pepper to taste

To cook the duck
Score the fat on the duck, taking care not to cut through to the skin
Season the duck with salt and pepper
Place the duck in a dry pan, and on a high heat render the fat down until the skin is crisp
I like to drain off the fat and keep in the fridge for later use in other dishes
Set your BBQ up for indirect cooking with a drip tray underneath at 160c, throw in a handful of cherry wood chips to get a smoke going
Wait until the initial smoke has died down before putting the duck in, otherwise you will have a bitter taste
Cook the duck on the BBQ for 10-12 minutes or until the core temp reaches the following temps for how you like yours cooked; rare - 58c, medium - 62c, well done - 68c
Place the duck in a warm place to rest before serving

To prepare the sauce
Place the cherries in a pan and on a medium heat, cook until they have released their juices and it has reduced to a thick sauce
Add the resting juices from the duck and stir through

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