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Porcini and smoked paprika beef rub & flavoured butters

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I would dearly love to claim this recipe as my own, but I came across this rub from Hartnett, Holder and company (Michelin starred Chef Angela Hartnett) on another site by Eat Like a Girl and just had to share it with you. This is a really great rub for beef and works really well on a good steak, I'll leave the preference of what steak you use up to you. 

I also like to pair it with either a blue cheese or garlic and herb flavoured butter. These recipes are my own and I've included them for you to accompany your steak.
The one thing you have to be careful with this rub is the sugar in the rub has a propensity to char easily, so keep turning the steak so it doesn't catch.
I've made some adjustments from the original recipe as I find the sugar tends to dominate, this version has a more savoury element to it and a nice kick, with the pepper

30g dried porcini mushrooms
30g maldon salt flakes
20g light brown sugar
5g smoked sweet paprika
2g ground black pepper

Bring all the ingredients together in a blender until they resemble a fine powder

Oil the steak and rub with the porcini mix
As there is sugar in the rub don't marinade for too long; 10-15 minutes is fine, any longer the sugar will start to "cook" the meat and your steak will be tough

Set the BBQ up for direct cooking at 200c, normally I would have the temperature higher but the sugar in the rub will turn bitter, so keep it a bit lower
Continue to cook the steak until you have reached your preferred doneness, I wouldn't like to dictate how you should cook it or you can find my article here
If you are using a cote de boeuf or thicker steak then go by core temperatures of 50c - rare, 55c -  medium rare, 60c - medium, 65c - well done
Rest your steak in a warm place for 10 minutes before serving

Flavoured butters

Garlic and herb
10g fresh tarragon
10g freshly chopped chives
100g softened salted butter
1 clove garlic finely chopped (place the clove in boiling water for 2 min before chopping, it removes the harsh notes)
10g fresh parsley finely chopped

Blue cheese
70g blue cheese, my preference is either gorgonzola dolce or stilton
100g softened salted butter
10g dijon mustard

For both butters
Mix all ingredients together until well combined and roll into a log shape
Wrap in clingfilm and place in the fridge until you wish to use it, these will keep for a couple of weeks
You can also freeze these and just slice a piece off when you need some, these will keep for 3 months

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