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Asparagus and ham pancakes with a gruyere sauce

By April 19, 2020

My favourite season is back again, asparagus! This is a classic recipe with pancakes, ham and a rich cheese sauce.

500g cooked asparagus (blanch in boiling water for 3 minutes and plunge into cold water and allow to cool
200g sliced ham
5 pancakes

2 eggs
110g flour
290ml milk
pinch salt
Butter for frying

Sift the flour into a bowl, add the salt
Making a well in the centre and crack the eggs into the middle
Add about 50ml of milk

Start to whisk the eggs and milk, use small strokes and do not try and incorporate the flour all at once, otherwise you'll end up with a lumpy mixture
Add the milk gradually until you have a smooth and thin mixture
When cooking the pancakes, ensure the pan is evenly heated, not too hot so as not to burn the butter and don't pour too much in at once. 
The pancakes need to be thin, not thick
Coat the pan evenly with butter
Allow one side to cook, you can tell it is cooked through as it will no longer stick to the pan, you can now flip it over to cook the other side

Cheese Sauce
20g flour
20g butter
150ml milk

75g gruyere
10g dijon mustard
Salt and pepper to season

To make the roux sauce 
Melt the butter, add the flour and cook on a medium heat for 5 minutes to cook out the flour

Take the pan off the heat and add the milk slowly whisking all the time to ensure it does not get lumpy
Place back on the heat and continue to whisk until it thickens
Add the dijon and gruyere and stir through, if the sauce is too thick, add a little extra milk to loosen it
Season to taste

To assemble the pancakes
Place a ham slice on the pancake and 5 stalks of asparagus
Roll the pancake up and place in a baking dish seam side down
Repeat the process until you have done the same with all the pancakes
Pour over the cheese sauce
Place the baking dish under the grill and bake until the sauce starts to bubble and turn brown

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