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Roast chicken

By November 25, 2016 , ,

Chicken is probably my favourite meat and for me, roast chicken is the ultimate in comfort food.

My favourite way to cook this is on the BBQ as it yields more flavour, though it works just as well in the oven too. I’ve been cooking chicken this way for years and like to keep it simple. The only thing you have to ensure is to buy good quality chicken, preferably free range and organic. The better the life the chicken has had, the better it tastes. The great thing about chicken is that you can save the carcass for stock (recipe here). I normally put this in the freezer until I need to make some.

1 chicken
1 head of garlic
A few sprigs of thyme and rosemary
salt (I like to use maldon sea salt) and pepper
50g pork or beef dripping

Place the garlic and herbs in the chicken cavity and rub the chicken all over with the dripping
Season well with salt and pepper
I cook the chicken at 180c indirect for 30 mins per 500g or until the breast reaches 71c internally or the thigh meat (deepest part) reaches 82c

If cooking indirect, place the drip tray underneath, I sometimes like to put hassleback potatoes or a whole onion underneath to catch the juices while the bird is cooking
You can also throw in some applewood chips for a light smoky flavour too

If cooking in the oven I cook it at 190c (fan) 200c (normal) for the same amount of time as specified above and same internal temps
Allow to rest covered in a warm place for at least 15mins before carving

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