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Planked sea trout with an orange and tarragon buerre noisette

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Trout always was and still is a favourite fish of mine. Growing up in the west of Ireland, access to seafood was always easy. If you have excellent produce, I like keep it simple when cooking as the main element will always speak for itself.

I still like to keep it simple but now and again its nice to step things up flavour wise.  Orange and tarragon work well with the sweetness of the trout. The nutty butter gives it the depth that it needs with the background woody hit from the cedar plank.

For this dish you can keep the trout whole or fillet it, it is entirely up to you. For this recipe as you will see in the picture I have chosen to fillet it.

If you choose to use the cedar plank then ensure you soak it in water for several hours before use.

1 large trout
Juice of half an orange
With the rest of the orange slice and use to place on the trout when cooking
1 teaspoon dried tarragon or 4 large sprigs fresh
1 cedar plank soaked in water
50g salted butter
Salt and pepper 

Set the BBQ for indirect heat with a temperature of 150c
Place the trout on the plank and the tarragon and orange slices on top
Cook the trout fillets for 8 - 12 minutes depending on how "rare" you like yours
If cooking whole cook for 20 mins until the eyes are opaque or the centre fin comes out easily
If you like your skin crispy, you can crisp the skin using a blow torch once it is cooked 
Season the trout and asparagus with the salt and pepper before serving
Place in a serving dish with the asparagus

Oven cooking
This can also be cooked in the oven or in a frying pan but you will have to do so without the plank
Place the trout on a baking tray arranged with the orange slices and tarragon and cook at 170c (fan), 180c (normal) for 7-10 mins

Pan cooking
Cook with a little oil or butter (don't add the orange or tarragon) skin side down on a high heat for 4 mins, 
Then turn the heat off and flip the fillets onto the flesh side and allow to sit in the residual heat for 1-2 mins
Remove from the heat to a warm plate
When serving you can add the orange slices and tarragon and the beurre noisette

To make the beurre noisette
Place the butter in a pan on a high heat and cook until the butter starts to brown and you start to get a nutty smell from the pan
Immediately remove from the heat and add the orange juice to stop the butter cooking further
Add sprigs of tarragon (or dried tarragon) and stir into the sauce
Pour over the asparagus and trout


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