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Rhubarb and Vanilla crumble

By February 17, 2016 , ,

Who doesn't love a good crumble? This is my favourite type of dessert as its one you can adapt with the seasons dependent on what fruit is available.

This time of year Rhubarb is at its peak and for me is my favourite type of crumble. I find the tartness of the Rhubarb contrasts well with the sweetness of the crumble topping. I also like to add vanilla powder to the crumble to give it a heady background hit and add a certain depth of flavour. If you don't have vanilla powder then remove the seeds from a vanilla pod and mix through the crumble. This recipe serves 4 people and keeps in the fridge for up to 4 days.

For the crumble
200g plain flour
100g brown sugar
1g salt
5g vanilla powder or the seeds from a vanilla pod
120g unsalted butter

To make by hand
Rub the butter and flour together with your fingers until it resembles breadcrumbs
Add the sugar, vanilla and salt and mix until well combined

To make with a food processor
Place all ingredients in the bowl and whizz until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs

For the rhubarb filling
4 sticks of rhubarb sliced into 1/4 inch chunks
70g caster sugar

To assemble the crumble
Place the sliced rhubarb in a baking dish, pour over the caster sugar and mix together
Pour over the crumble mix and ensure it covers all the Rhubarb
Place in an oven for 40 minutes at 190C (fan) 200C (normal oven)

I like to serve this warm with either custard or vanilla vla.

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  1. What kind of dish do you use to bake it in? And no baking paper...or juat sugar ?
    Sounds delicious...and not so much sugar, can be a nice desert for my daughter, will let u know the out ome

    1. I used a deep baking dish like the one I used for my earlier lasagne recipe. No baking paper is needed. I would however recommend not reducing the sugar content as the rhubarb is very sour on its own. Looking forward to hearing how you get on.

  2. The crumble was very delicious, i live the vanilla addition, but i had really bad rhubarb. Tonight i made it again but used too much butter i think, however the rhubarb is the good one this time. So practice makes it perfect. Your crqmbke recepee is for sure the best and easy i've tried