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Rack of Lamb with crushed peas and chorizo

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Lamb is an underrated meat and is very tasty and versatile. The combination of the sweetness of the peas and the earthiness of the chorizo in this dish compliments the meat quite nicely.

For this recipe I coat the rack in dripping. I normally have a pot in my fridge which contains fat from various roasts or duck breasts when I render the fat off them. So every time you cook a roast or cook duck breasts, don't throw away the excess fat, just pour it into a lidded container and keep it in your fridge. It can be used for frying pretty much anything.

I've also included methods for cooking this in the oven and on the BBQ without sous vide

Serves 2

1 six bone lamb rack, French trimmed
Sprig of thyme and rosemary
Leaves from fresh garlic or wild garlic if available
Salt and pepper to taste
Oil or dripping to baste (not too much oil for the vacuum packing, 10ml should do it)

Cooking the Lamb

Sous vide method
Set the sous vide to 54c
To prepare the lamb, coat in dripping or oil and season with salt and pepper
To prevent the bones from piercing through the vacuum packing, cover them in kitchen paper
Vacuum pack the ribs with the garlic and herbs 
The lamb can then be left in your water bath for 3 hours
After 3 hours, remove from the water bath and vacuum packing
I like to finish this on the BBQ
I set the BBQ on direct heat at 300c and quickly brown on all sides to char the meat
You can also finish on a high heat in a pan, just 30 seconds each side to brown the meat, you do not want to cook it through

BBQ Method
Season the lamb and coat with the dripping
Set the BBQ to direct heat at 250C and brown the meat on all sides quickly
Set the BBQ up for indirect cooking and bring the temp down to 170c
Cook for 10-15 (core temp 48c - 54c) minutes for rare, 18 minutes for medium rare (54c - 60c) or 22 minutes Medium (60c - 66c)

Oven method
Season the lamb and coat with the dripping
First chargrill or brown the lamb to sear the outside in a pan on high heat
Set the oven to 170c
Place in the oven in a pan with the herbs and garlic 
Cook for 10-15 minutes (core temp 49c - 54c) for rare, 18 minutes for medium rare (54c - 60c) or 22 mins for medium (60c - 66c)

Allow the meat to rest before serving

For the pea and chorizo accompaniment
30g chorizo cut into small cubes
100g frozen peas
knob of butter
10g creme fraiche
Salt and pepper to season

Place the peas in a saucepan of cold water with a pinch of salt
In a pan fry off the chorizo until it releases its oils and starts to crisp up
Drain the peas and crush them using a fork or potato masher
Add the chorizo, butter and crème fraiche to the peas and stir through

Place to one side and keep warm

Red wine reduction
100ml red wine
50ml stock
10g butter
1g tomato purée
Half a carrot roughly sliced
Half a celery stick roughly sliced
Half an onion
1 garlic clove bruised

Fry off the veg till slightly coloured on the outside
Add the red wine to a pan and reduce to half
Add the tomato purée and stir through
Add the stock and cook through for about 15 mins
The jus should coat the back of a spoon
Strain the jus and place back into a pan
Add the butter to thicken it slightly
If the sauce is still runny you can thicken with cornflour

Season to taste

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