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Copenhagen - this time with pictures

By November 04, 2014 , , , , , , ,

Another trip again to Copenhagen, how could I resist, this time I asked my friends from the Contractor UK Grub Club to join me.

Grub club was formed about 2 years ago whist I was contracting back in London, it was an excuse to gather together once a month and eat at nice places such as Hawksmoor ( grub club favourite), St John ( of Suckling pig feast fame), Barbecoa and also indulge in champagne cocktails at Searcys champagne bar in St Paul's. Grub club is now in the capable hands of a mate who still organises outings.

It was pretty much a repeat of the last trip that I took with my other half in August, we also managed to go to Ruby for cocktails and it was nice to have more people on board and this time I had mates with better phone cameras than mine.

For me this time BROR was the outright star in the food and atmosphere stakes, we all really enjoyed the food and everyone was brave enough to try the lambs testicles, which again were very tasty. Also the guys at BROR cooked us a confit pigs head which was succulent and tasty and reminiscent of our trip to St John in London.
Amass we went for the 9 course menu and it was good, but not as enjoyable as the first time I went there. They still had the potato bread on the menu which I'm going to make an attempt at at some point.

So here come the pics.....

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